About Mikaela Lynn

Well hello! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. You're wondering who 'me' is. Thank you for asking I'd love to tell you more. I'm Mikaela. You know that because you've come to my website. Let me tell you what you may not know. I'm a generalist living in a world of specialists. What does that mean? Some people find a job or career they enjoy or are good at and pursue it for an extended amount of time...or forever. They become very good at that one thing, nigh near expert at the one thing they pursue - they become a specialist. I am a generalist.

My interests and skills are many and diverse, thus it's hard to sum up in one sentence or an infamous 'elevator pitch' who I am and what I do. Over the last twenty-plus years, I have had many jobs, careers, and interests that I have pursued with reckless abandon and many that I've become exceedingly good at. I'd love to tell you about that journey.


How I Got Here...

My entire life I have been surrounded by children and families — I was born and raised in Colorado in a blended family (the youngest of seven) so my experience navigating family dynamics and caring for children started from a young age. As of writing this, I have fifteen nieces and nephews, five great nieces and nephews, two children of my heart, and an ever-growing circle of adopted nieces and nephews!

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What I Do...

My superpower is the energy I bring into a room. This feedback remains constant whether I'm waiting tables or attending a birth. I love to laugh and be goofy, and I am cool and calm under pressure. Humans and pets alike seem to flock to my side! I have over twenty years of experience working with people in challenging situations, and I know I can assist you and your family as you navigate your reproductive and perinatal transitions.

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My Services & Skills

Full Spectrum Support - I provide support and resources for all people and families navigating any aspect of reproductive health or perinatal care. I am available to support you during (but not limited to) — abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, fatal diagnosis, perinatal mortality, fertility, and reproductive health appointments.

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