Classes & Workshops for Birthworkers

Congratulations - you're a birthworker now! I'm so excited to welcome you to this work, your new business, and hopefully a budding career.

If you're anything like me, taking my training was exciting--and then suddenly I was all alone and didn't know what to do next! The world of birth is vast and there are innumerable continuing education courses and pathways that we often wander down and get lost before digging in and working with clients. I'm here to help you decide where you want to focus the skills you already have to support the clients you want.

After ten years of serving clients in the care field and I have a few tips and tricks I'd like to pass on to those starting their own birthworker journey. Whether in a group setting class, workshop, or one on one with me -- we will focus on what you already know and what skills you already have at your disposal and how to leverage them to support your clients and build your business.

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Resilience Building for Birthworkers

  • Do you find yourself worn out and discouraged with your work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you hear stories of birth trauma?
  • Do you get anxious going into hospitals to support clients?
  • Do you want to go into your work feeling more grounded and settled?

Burnout and Vicarious Trauma (Secondary Traumatic Stress) is an unfortunate reality when working in a helping field.

body of work

Body of Work

I love supporting my clients, but my body doesn't love me after a long birth or sleeping on a strange surface!

As birthworkers we tend to put our bodies, our sleep, and our time on the line to support our clients. Doing a double hip squeeze in an awkward position is fine for a minute or two, but when it's the only thing that helps and you're doing it for hours your body will start to protest!

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

I've completed my Doula training! Now what‽ 

  • Are you a newly trained doula ready to start your business, but not sure how?
  • Are you wondering where and how to find your next clients?
  • Have you been told you need to work for free before charging clients?

Together over six months, you will gather with a cohort of birthworkers to explore starting your business. Each week we will discuss topics to support you as you build and grow your business.