Lactation Support

Human body feeding is biologically designed to be challenging, and as social creatures, we are meant to learn from others. The challenge is that we no longer live in a community-focused way that supports this need, so we must seek it on our own. Starting during pregnancy it’s important to learn what it takes to build a successful body-feeding relationship with your little one. Together we will explore what you already know and what information and support you need to be successful with your lactation goals. You will learn the physiological process of lactation, how to hand express, common hurdles and how to work through them.


Lactation Support

Are you planning to bodyfeed your baby?

  • Feeding your baby from your body looks easy and carefree on social media, so why is it so hard‽
  • Are you worried you won’t be able to supply enough milk for your baby?
  • Did you struggle with bodyfeeding previously, or are you struggling now?
  • Are you looking for education, guidance, and support on your bodyfeeding journey?

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