What the People Have to Say...


"I have been thinking of you heavily! I really want to say thank you for being by my side throughout the process of Knovi's delivery. Words cannot explain what you have done for me and what you made me feel. You are truly a blessing. I appreciate you and find you to be so remarkable it's overwhelming. I never thought I would see it all the way through and yet you made me feel like I could. I wish I can do more than say thank you! You deserve an award girl lol a house where you can make your magic."

"Mikaela stepped in as a postpartum doula when our little girl was 3-weeks old. She was wonderful. A competent, soothing presence for both baby and mama. A good sense of humor and sweet disposition. I highly recommend her!"

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"Mikaela’s presence as our doula provided the strength, knowledge, and support we needed to bring our baby into the world. The awareness and stability she brought to the birth made all the difference. I felt held and heard throughout the entire process and am eternally grateful to have had her by our side."


"We knew that pregnancy would be difficult for us to navigate after two previous losses. What we didn’t budget for was a literal pandemic, plus being classed as high risk due to gestational diabetes. Mikaela helped us navigate the uncertainties. She helped us come up with a plan A, B and C by listening to our concerns and providing us with ALL the info we could possibly need to make the best choices for our family. Even though Mikaela couldn’t be physically present with us due to COVID, she connected with us via virtual childbirth classes, Zoom calls to help us with birth planning, and she FaceTimed with us while we were in labor! She also helped equip my partner to be “Daddy doula” since she wouldn’t be present, by equipping him with all the questions to ask and coaching him on comfort measures. Mikaela went above and beyond for us, and I honestly cannot imagine our birth without her fierce presence."


"Mikaela brings warmth, kindness and enthusiasm to her practice as a doula. She has a vast library of resources for whatever question or concern you may have, and if she doesn't have something on hand she is willing to go out and find it. During the delivery she was a calming and supportive force who collaborated very well with hospital staff to ensure I had the birth I wanted. Despite being constrained by the pandemic, she was still able to provide ample support leading up to, during and after my delivery."


"Mikaela was so helpful to me during my pregnancy and the birth of my first child! She stepped in partway through my pregnancy when my original doula unexpectedly had to move out of state, and she helped address all my first-time mom worries. During my labor (at home) and birth (at the hospital), she was a calming, knowledgeable, and supportive presence. Both my husband and I were very grateful to have her with us as our guide through the intense process of birth! She also took photos in the delivery room, which I really appreciated because the whole thing went so fast that it wouldn't even have occurred to me if she hadn't suggested it. I'm grateful to have had a wonderful, empowering labor and birth, and Mikaela's support during my pregnancy and delivery played a major role in creating that experience!"


"Mikaela was a warm, calming and beyond helpful presence in our home for the first three months of navigating our new family of four.  She was a fun playmate for our three-year-old, someone who could soothe our newborn’s cries, a companion who is easy to talk to and an excellent resource of information and knowledge. She is funny, loving, a great listener and seemed to know what we needed without us having to ask. We really can’t imagine the early and challenging postpartum days without her help. And more than anything, we felt as if she were a part of our family."


"We used Mikaela for basically everything both before and after the birth of our baby girl - to say that she was an absolute blessing was an understatement. As this was our first child, both my husband and I had a lot of anxiety about taking care of our little one. We wanted to make sure she had the absolute best start possible, and that we were well-prepared to bring her home and care for her after the birth.We met Mikaela under the auspices of simply helping out for a few days postpartum. Immediately, she brought her signature blend of warmth, humor, attentiveness, and knowledgeability into our home. We were put at ease by her manner, and felt incredibly informed pre-birth by the information and guidance she shared with us. After the birth, she was a much-needed salve for me in providing guidance around self-care, scheduling, and rest. A few weeks later, our night nurse was suddenly called away on an international trip, and Mikaela ably stepped in, showing up at our house every night, and singing our daughter to sleep. Her professionalism, innate sense of joy, and attention to detail were second to none, to the extent that we're pretty sure even our dog preferred her to us. We would recommend her without any hesitation - time spent with Mikaela is time well-spent for both you and your baby, and any family would be incredibly lucky to work with her."


"I found Mikaela through online search. The moment we met her, she had this calming energy and immediately I felt comfortable around her.  She had great resources for me to be prepared for the birth and delivery of my son. She was very supportive and was wonderful with our perinatal meetings. I was so glad I hired Mikaela and wish I had her for our first child. She helped me be confident and able to advocate for myself while I was in the delivery room to achieve the birth of my son the way I had hoped for, a VBAC. Thank you Mikaela! 

If we wanted another child, you would no doubt be our doula. 

I would recommend her to my friends and family."

"Mikaela helped us pull off a miracle only Jesus himself could do. I don't sleep and neither did my son. I thought that there is no magic formula and that this is just the way some people are and there is nothing you can do about not being able to sleep. Well, Mikaela has the magic. She went through step by step what we need to do and how we need to put our kid to sleep and our baby that woke up 20 times in a night now sleeps through the night 100% and at the most wakes up only one time. The same method works for afternoon naps which I thought was impossible. Mikaela is professional and very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She listens and cares and will put your kid to sleep. But don't think it's easy, it is work, but know that it works. You are in the best hands if you choose Mikaela."

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"We hired Mikaela as our postpartum doula for our second kid. She was WONDERFUL. I wish we had hired her for our first! We were a bit nervous about how having a postpartum nighttime doula would work (would it be weird for someone to come into our bedroom in the middle of the night?) but Mikaela was an expert at making it not weird. This might only make sense to cat people, but her energy was so lovely that our very skittish rescue cat who sleeps in our bed wouldn't even blink when she came in at 3am. She's amazing and very professional. I am going to recommend her to all my friends. 5-star experience, worth every penny. Thank you, Mikaela!"

Words can't express our gratitude for Mikaela. She is truly one of a kind. Mikaela helped our family for almost a year- starting in my first trimester and ending 3 months post-partum. Through that time, with Mikaela as my doula, I had countless questions answered, tremendous emotional support, intelligent and well-researched advice, and someone who was just simply wonderful to be around. Due to some medical complications, a lot of my original birth plan had to go entirely out the window, and she helped me navigate the roller-coaster of emotions with her compassion and wisdom (and managed to make me laugh along the way even at the height of my stress!). Once baby boy was born, she supported us through each and every unexpected turn-- helping me conquer breastfeeding with a baby who had both a tongue and lip tie, providing much-needed perspective and advice when we were in the thick of the newborn phase, and most importantly, I was able to trust her with my little one each night as she gave me nighttime post-partum support. I wish words could adequately express our gratitude for Mikaela. My older kids frequently mention how they miss her, and she truly became part of our family. She was my little one's first best friend, and I will always be thankful for her time in our lives.


Mikaela is highly knowledgeable in providing support in the areas of prenatal, birth time, postpartum and so on. I had a wonderful experience getting doula support from her. My family and I feel glad to be able to have her as our doula. I had a long labor and would have gone for induction and medicated birth. She gave me the confidence to wait and watch. I had a positive natural birth. Thanks to her for providing many valuable resources that made me feel educated in terms of labor and delivery. I highly recommend Mikaela to anyone who wants a positive birth experience.