Mikaela Lynn

Perinatal Care Specialist

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Mikaela Lynn Doula

Hi! I'm Mikaela Lynn

I am a Perinatal Care Specialist — my job is to hold space for people as they navigate reproductive health and perinatal care by providing emotional support, physical comfort, practical assistance, and non-medical care. What that may look like depends on each client's individual needs and situation.

I am passionate about education and love to not only learn new things myself, but also pass on my accumulated knowledge to others. I strongly believe that knowledge is power, and support my clients in navigating the healthcare field knowing their options and alternatives so they are better able to advocate for themselves, their bodies, their families, and their choices.

How I can hold space for you...

My skills and experience are diverse.

Here are some of the ways I can help you navigate life's transitions.


Prenatal Support

Working together we can prepare you with the information and resources you need to put together your birth preferences and/or a postpartum plan.


Labor & Birth Support

I will be with you during your birth and afterwards to see how you are adjusting, offer lactation support, and help you plan the rest of your postpartum journey.


Postpartum Support

I offer overnight support through the first twelve weeks, giving you a chance to catch up on much-needed sleep knowing that someone else has an eye and ear on your baby.


Sleep Coaching

Together we will create a bespoke, step-by-step plan for night sleep & naps that will factor in your parenting philosophy and your unique family dynamics. Then I will support, encourage and lead you through sleep coaching your child.


Classes & Workshops for Parents

We will explore your options, ways of navigating the healthcare field and how to work with your support system to advocate for yourself, your body, and your choices.


Classes & Workshops for Birthworkers

Whether in a class, workshop, or one on one with me -- we will focus on the skills you already have, and how to leverage them to support your clients and build your business.

Ready to find out more?

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