Mikaela Lynn

Perinatal Care Specialist

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Perinatal Care Specialist Mikaela Lynn

Hi! I'm Mikaela Lynn

WHO AM I‽ I am a Perinatal Care Specialist — my job is to hold space for people as they navigate reproductive health and perinatal care by providing emotional support, physical comfort, practical assistance, and non-medical care. What that may look like depends on each client's individual needs and situation.


How I can hold space for you...

My skills and experience are diverse.

Here are some of the ways I can help you navigate life's transitions.


Birth Support

Wholistic trauma-informed care before, during, and immediately after pregnancy and/or birth. Compassionate support for all the ways pregnancy begins and ends - helping you navigate the transformations and build a support system that feels nourishing.


Postpartum Support

Wholistic trauma-informed support through the fourth trimester, helping you to make the transition from pregnancy back to self. Professional support to help you recover from birth and transition to the next phase of your life.


Lactation Support

The trauma-informed support you need to be successful with your lactation goals. I will help you with the physiological process of lactation, how to hand express, and how to work through common hurdles.

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